About PalmKash

Fast secure payments processing platform that enables payment by a wave of the hand.


  • Accept payments over a fast, secure platform
  • Unified infrastructure to handle payments from different mobile wallets
  • Reduced translation times: can process a transaction in under a minute
  • Offer your customers a convenient way to pay
  • Reduce cash handling risks
  • Fast settlement times
  • Build loyalty programs


  • Always in control
  • Fast payment times: Scan & Go
  • Register once transact anywhere
  • No cards, No phones: Your money in your palm
  • Join loyalty programs of your favourite merchants
  • No lost cards, dead phones, forgotten pins

For the education sector

The Palmkash student wallet enables a parent and/or guardian to credit students with pocket money over the mobile network. Once a student’s wallet is credited students can conduct cashless transactions at the school canteens.


Receive pocket money credits from parents and /or guardians instantly over the mobile money network.

  • No need to have a mobile money account
  • Secure payments. Eliminate the risk of cash loss
  • Fast transaction times average transaction time is under a minute
  • Keep control of your money

Canteen operators:

  • Keep track of your revenues
  • Supports pre-pay or pay as you go
  • Reduce cash handling costs

Parents / Guardians:

  • Send pocket money to your loved ones instantly from anywhere
  • Introduce financial literacy to your loved ones at an early age
  • Reduced translation times: can process a transaction in under a minute
  • No more long journeys to deliver pocket money to those you care for


  • Enable parents and guardians to look after their loved ones in an easy and convenient way.
  • Keep track of your canteen revenues
  • Introduce financial literacy to your students at an early age
  • Eliminate the social problems associated with cash in schools
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