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Enabling payment by a scan of the hand.

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About PalmKash

PalmKash is a product of UrID Technologies, a Fintech start-up which enables merchants to transact with their clients seamlessly. The PalmKash platform is a payments processing highway that enables cashless transactions over a single terminal and platform using biometric, NFC and RFID technologies to accept mobile money and in the long-term bank card payments.

A technology built for secure payments

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Benefits - PalmKash Platform

Why Palm Vein

Why Palm Vein

Palm vein is an internal biometric, which means that your biometric code is never exposed to the outside world. This means that unless you actively scan your hand at a PalmKash terminal, your palm vein pattern can not be captured (and thereby duplicated).

Additionally, since the terminal requires blood flow for the scan to work, it has built-in liveness tests.

This means that it's virtually impossible to spoof with a forged replica.

Even if someone could get a hold of your palm vein pattern (a task that would be nearly impossible in and of itself), they would still need to have live blood flowing through the veins of the replica.

Where you can use the PalmKash Platform

  • 1
    Ticketing / Bus Booking
  • 2
    School Canteens / Shopping
  • 3
    Bars / Resturants
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